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Watch Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 20 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 from 15,500 votes

Release: 2014 / Chicago P.D. / Season 3 / Episode 20

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Synopsis: Watch Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 20 online free. In Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 20 Putlocker Full Movie, A duffel bag is found in a park. Voight goes to check it out and finds a baby in it. He sends the baby to the hospital to be processed before being turned to the M.E He sends Burgess and Roman to get the baby but when they arrive the doctor tells them, the baby is alive. So with info from the baby's blood, the find the father and when questioned he says he doesn't know he has a baby. He claims he was with a girl who could have been a teenager. They find her and they go talk to her but she's not there. They talk to her parents and her mother is adamant that they know nothing about the baby. And refer them to their lawyer. The father tells them, they asked a woman who works for them to arrange for the baby to be taken in by a couple. They don't know who they are so he tells them who the woman is. She tells them she gave the baby to the couple but when they get there. the couple claims they never got the baby. So did the mother tell the woman to dispose of the baby but both women deny it. Later the baby's mother shows up and says her mother made her give her baby and the woman was nice to her.