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Watch Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 13 Online

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10 from 15,500 votes

Release: 2014 / Chicago P.D. / Season 3 / Episode 13

Genre: , ,


Stars: , , ,

Synopsis: Watch Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 13 online free. In Chicago P.D. Season 3 Episode 13 Putlocker Full Movie, When a woman after leaving a casino is pulled over by a cop who proceeds to assault her. Intelligence is tasked with finding the cop so Lindsay goes to a casino and when she leaves a cop pulls her over. They arrest him and try to get him to say who else is involved. They later learn the man is not a cop but everything he had on him, the badge, the uniform and the car were authentic.. The victim comes in and says he's not the one who attacked her. So Voight talks to him and he tells Voight who he knows whom the victim identifies as the attacker. They have an APB on him and when Roman sees him, he approaches him and he shoots him. Roman is upset they didn't say he was a dangerous. Ruzek is reeling form his break up with Burgess.